A study of the relationship between locus of control and satisfaction with two vocational counseling treatments

Carlos Arreola, E. Thomas Dowd, Robert C. Reardon


This study was designed to determine the relationship of Locus of Control to undecided college students' satisfaction with a self - administered vocational counseling treatment and an interview - oriented counseling treatment. It was predicted that internally oriented students would be more satisfied with the self - administered treatment, while externally oriented students would be more satisfied with a counselor - mediated treatment. A sample of 160 students was given the Rotter Internal-External Scale, alternately the Self-Directed Search (SDS) or Vocational Preference Inventory (VPI), and a previously used satisfaction questionnaire. No significant relationship was found between Locus of Control and students' level of satisfaction with either treatment. These findings suggest that Locus of Control is not a discriminating variable mediating satisfaction with a self - administered or an interview-oriented vocational counseling treatment.

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