Challenges, resiliency and empowerment in uncertain times: Jaime Inclán’s oral history of the Roberto Clemente family guidance center

Julio A. Ortiz-Luquis, Andrew Viñales


The City of New York as an embodiment of progress and resiliency have played an historical role towards accessible mental health services for underserved communities such as Loisaida since the early 60’s and 70’s. At the time, Loisaida was considered a haven for crime and drug addiction. Community leaders and mental health practitioners raised the awareness of addressing community needs through community organizing and self-reliance, institution-building and agenda setting. The following study aims to examine external and internal socio-historical forces that led to the development of the Roberto Clemente Family Guidance Center through oral history. Two (2) interview sessions of approximately 90 minutes each were conducted at the Roberto Clemente Family Guidance Center by an oral historian. The interview was video recorded and transcribed for analysis. Findings were organized by three emerging themes: 1) Challenges in establishing a community mental health clinic, 2) Community advocacy and empowerment, and 3) Uncertain times for mental health as a social responsibility. Jaime Inclán discussed his advocacy efforts and community engagement in connection with the historical events that led to the development of the Roberto Clemente Family Guidance Center.

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